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Basic Skillz is designed for are the most enthusiastic students, five and six-year olds. They love creativity and problem-solving, which makes them ideal students in Martial Arts. The problem we discovered is they are so progressive in following tasks, some teachers tend to treat them like their older peers. This is a problem because they still do not have the basic skills necessary to keep up with children ages 7 and up. The solution we found is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. With that said a structured program introducing basic skill-based training in Martial Arts has proven to be very successful!

Linzie Kenpo Karate
Basic Skillz Martial Art Program (Ages 5-6)

About Skillz

Here at Linzie Kenpo Karate, we utilize the Skillz (TM) Martial Art Curriculum to help develop children and teens into great Martial Artists and people. Skillz training is used in all our Martial Arts programs.


They typically do not know how to apply their muscles so they fall often when their body is in constant motion. Also, they have a basic foundation for leg, arm, core, and abdominal development, but they still lack a lot of strength.

  • We expect them to initially struggle with multiple kicks beyond five repetitions. We also expect them to initially have sloppy technique when exercising.
  • The goals for our program are to get them to perform high repetitions of kicks without putting their foot down, and also perform static, active, and dynamic exercises for beyond ten reps with good technique.


They typically have a hard time retaining beyond three commands. They also have a hard time distinguishing between their left and right.

  • We expect them to initially get confused when we ask them to do more than three things at one time. We also initially expect them to have a hard time distinguishing between their left and right when following multiple-commands.
  • The goal for our program is to get them to retain three or more commands at once, and beyond. We will also help them learn how to perform various left and right combinations.


They typically focus on things that make them happy. They also have slow brakes when they are excited.

  • We expect them to initially lose focus and shut down when they are not happy. We also expect them to lose control when they are over-excited.
  • The goal for our program is to help them focus even when it’s hard to do so. We will also help them control their body and their power, especially when they are excited.


They love to play with others, but are typically very competitive.

  • We expect them to initially show weak sportsmanship when they participate in a competition.
  • The goals for our program are to help them build good teamwork such as no cheating; don’t get angry when they lose; and don’t brag when they win.

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