Extreme Skillz

Dynamic Martial Arts, Reno, NV

The Extreme SKILLZ program helps kids maximize their physical and intellectual capabilities in a stable and nurturing environment.

Kids between the ages of 10 and 14 are capable of great things – but they need the right tools and encouragement to accomplish them. It’s normal for kids at this age to be tempted by taking the easy way out of challenges, but we work with them to help them reach their full physical and intellectual potential.

Linzie Kenpo Karate
Extreme Skillz Martial Art Program (Ages 10-14)

About Skillz

Here at Linzie Kenpo Karate, we utilize the Skillz (TM) Martial Art Curriculum to help develop children and teens into great Martial Artists and people. Skillz training is used in all our Martial Arts programs.


They typically have weak fine motor skills therefore proficient technique is not quite there yet. Also, they still tend to stumble when their body is in motion therefore advanced movement is still a little sloppy.

  • We expect them to initially struggle with great technique in their blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. We also expect them to initially look sloppy when jumping, spinning, switching feet, etc.
  • The goal for our program is to get them to perform technical blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances while applying power. Also, our goal is to get them to apply speed to motion without looking sloppy.


They are extremely bright, but they typically have a hard time concentrating during distractions.

  • We expect them to initially lose focus if there are other, more “interesting” things going on around them. We also expect them to forget simple commands mainly because they try to “over-think.”
  • The goal for our program is to get them to concentrate on the task at hand despite other distractions. Our goal is to also get them to retain simple information without trying to put excessive thought into it.


They are wonderfully stable and love challenge. However, they will typically show excessive fear when they over-process something.

  • We expect them to have emotional stability for the most part on normal days. We also expect them to initially show excessive fear when put on the spot.
  • The goal for our program is to help them persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up. We will also help them face their fears.


They love to interact with others, especially adults. However, they typically don’t like when something is unfair and will be determined to point it out and be heard.

  • We expect them to initially interrupt us when they think something is wrong. We also expect them to show great determination when trying to get their point across.
  • The goals for our program are to help them know how to address problems and challenges properly without interfering on the overall flow of the class.

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